AC Repair & Maintenance Services in Evansville, IN

ac repair & maintenance services evansville, inStaying cool when the weather is hot will depend on your AC system. It’s important to keep your unit in top running condition to allow you to enjoy the many benefits that it offers. Completing repairs as necessary will ensure that you aren’t without cold air for very long. Additionally, getting your AC maintained on an annual basis is the key to avoiding problems throughout the year and will help you save money in the long run. At Baylor Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc. we want to ensure that you are as comfortable as you can be at all times. We have 30 years of experience that shows we can achieve this goal for you.

Emergency Air Conditioning Repair

At Baylor Heating and Air Conditioning, we know that air conditioning systems don’t always break during normal business hours. It is ridiculous that during the hottest part of the year, you would have to wait days to get your cooling system repaired. Our team of experienced, dedicated technicians is here for you after-hours, weekends, and holidays to assist you with your emergency air conditioning repair. We will quickly diagnose the issue and bring all the tools necessary to get your system back up and running. There is only one company you can trust for fast and efficient repair service in Evansville, and that company is Baylor!

Reasons to Get Your Unit Tuned Up

Saving money is sure to be foremost on the mind of most homeowners. Keeping your electric costs down can be better achieved by routinely maintaining your unit. It is ideal to get at least one annual tune-up from Baylor Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc. and listed below are reasons why:

  • Your AC unit will last longer
  • Energy bills can decrease up to 15 percent
  • You may have fewer issues with your AC
  • Your unit will provide cooler air

Why Choose Us for Repairs?

If your air conditioning unit has gone out and the temperature is scorching outdoors, the last thing you will want to do is be uncomfortable any longer than you have to be. At Baylor Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc. you can count on us regardless of what time of day or night it is. We offer emergency service 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We want you to be comfortable and will utilize the expertise of our staff to ensure that you have your air conditioning back on as quickly as possible.

AC Maintenance Tips

In most homes in the United States, the air conditioning system runs on a daily basis during the summer. With rising temperatures, it’s easy to see why so many houses rely on their cooling systems. No one wants to come home to an uncomfortable or stuffy house. It just isn’t an option. You know what else isn’t an option? Spending too much money on repairs. These days, it’s easy to maintain your system and prevent costly repairs.

Most critically, you should clean your air conditioning system. This means occasionally changing out the air filter (once per month) and dusting out any build-up in the fans or coils. Be very careful while cleaning; you can easily damage the internal components of the system. If you’re unsure of how to properly maintain your unit, contact Baylor Heating & Air Conditioning. We offer professional preventative maintenance to help cut down on repairs.

Maintaining Your Air Conditioner

An air conditioner’s filters, coils, and fins require regular maintenance throughout the year to function properly. If you seek efficiency, maintain your air conditioning unit. By neglecting a maintenance schedule, you practically ensure a steady decline in performance and a constant increase in energy usage. This means your monthly utility bills will rise while your home gets warmer and warmer. No homeowner wants to deal with that.

To properly maintain your air conditioning unit, give it a thorough cleaning at least once a year – sometimes twice. You should also change out the air filter once per month. A clogged or dirty filter will significantly reduce airflow and efficiency. Finally, don’t forget about the air conditioner coils – both evaporator and condenser. These coils collect dust over time. Check each coil at least once per year and clean them as necessary.

AC Maintenance Guide

As the weather turns warmer, more and more people turn their air conditioning systems to full blast. If your system malfunctions or weakens, you’ll feel the heat from the outdoors. This is where proper maintenance comes into play. To function well, an air conditioning system requires cleaning and maintenance throughout the year.

First, inspect the unit. Check for any dirt buildup or debris. For an outside unit, cut back any bushes or low-hanging trees to prevent excessive debris build-up. An outdoor unit is far more likely to require cleaning than an indoor one. Second, check the air filter each month. If you have scheduled preventative maintenance, a technician will test the unit. However, it’s best to remain on top of the situation yourself as well. If you use the system often – at full-blast – check the air filter monthly. Finally, have a technician check refrigerant levels and functioning during a complete cycle.

Central Air Conditioning Repair

Chances are you rely on your central air conditioner to keep the whole home comfortable. When temperatures soar, an AC unit can offer invaluable convenience. However, we often take our air conditioners for granted, and forget about proper cleaning and maintenance. Most homeowners simply expect the unit to work properly. Unfortunately, air conditioning systems do occasionally break down, whether as a result of heavy use or simply over time. At that point, you need a good air conditioning repair technician.

At Baylor Heating & Air Conditioning, we give our expert technicians the latest industry training and the highest-quality tools. Each technician is equipped to handle any task – big or small. Central AC systems generally face problems such as failing to cool properly or simply failing to start. Often, the root of the issue lies in the refrigerant or a coil. Whatever the issue, we’ll find it and fix it!

Air Conditioning Repair Cost

We never really notice our air conditioner until something goes wrong with it. Then, however, we may quickly become overwhelmed considering the price for repairs and the rising indoor temperatures. At some point, we’ll pay any price to fix the problem and return the cold air. If this situation describes you, don’t worry. You don’t have to empty your pockets to receive quality repair services. Instead, turn to Baylor Heating & Air Conditioning.

We entered this industry to help homeowners and business owners with their heating and cooling systems. We don’t want to nickel and dime our clients. Instead, we offer competitive pricing for quality service. You’ll get your money’s worth and then some. Before we begin any work, we provide a complete quote for our services. You’ll know what you’re paying and why. In the end, you have the final say. This is your home, not ours. We’re just here to help!

Regardless if you need a full-service tune-up or an immediate repair, Baylor Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc. is ready to help. Simply Contact us today or give us a call at 812.425.8435, and we will be there when you need us!