Home Stand by Generator Services Evansville, IN

No Need to Lose Power, Even When Everyone Else Does.

Home Generator Services Evansville, INEver been without electrical power for more than a few hours?

If so, chances are you remember each such incident vividly.  After all, it’s hard to forget the things that cause us the greatest amount of discomfort and inconvenience.

Now, however, you can say “good-bye” to hours – or even days – waiting for the power to come back on with a whole-house generator from Baylor.

Comfort. Security. Come what may.

Once the public power supply shuts down for any reason, your Generac generator from Baylor will turn on automatically, providing all the power you need throughout your home.  Your generator will keep working, too, until public power is restored. At that time, your Generac generator will shut down automatically.

You don’t have to do a thing, except remain comfortable.

Generator Maintenance and Repairs Evansville

More Reasons to Opt for a Whole-House Generator:

  • The right choice for people who require power for medical reasons
  • No need to refuel at any time…your whole-house generator draws its power from your home’s natural or propane gas supply
  • It’s installed outdoors, so there’s no risk of CO poisoning and no smelly gas fumes
  • Avoid hundreds of dollars in potential food spoilage
  • Avoid other expenses, too, during prolonged power outages

Emergency Generator Service

There’s never a great time for the power to go out in your Evansville home, but there are certainly some times of year when losing power could lead to some dangerous situations. That’s why we provide emergency generator service. You’ve invested in a generator so that you can rest assured that your family will be safe and comfortable even if the power goes out. Baylor Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. has your back if something goes wrong with your generator. Give us a call if you generator starts performing poorly or stops working altogether. We’ll get one of our experienced generator experts out there ASAP so you can get your generator up and running in no time.

Generator Installation

At Baylor Heating & AC, we begin every generator installation job with an in-home consultation visit to determine your exact needs and what permits may be needed for your area, which can vary depending on where your home or business is located. We will check the electrical meter, all gas lines, and the circuit breaker to locate the best possible placement location for your home generator. Finally, we can recommend the best generator for your needs.

Regarding costs for installing and operating the generator in your home, pricing estimates will be based on the generator cost, permit cost, labor cost, transfer switch and modules, and any other incidental requirements that may be necessary during the installation process.

Once an installation is complete, your generator will be capable of running efficiently should the power in your home cease for any reason. A standby generator is perfect if you lose power during, particularly bad storms throughout the year.

Generator Repair

Just like any other piece of machinery or appliance in your home, a generator requires careful maintenance and occasional repairs to continue functioning properly and as originally intended. Should the generator be left alone for too long or run too hard, the unit may fall into disrepair. However, because you require the generator to operate in times of emergency, it is paramount to perform regular upkeep on the unit and have the professionals at Baylor perform regular maintenance throughout the year.

Preventative maintenance is quite useful in ensuring the unit runs when you need it the most. A regular schedule can be set up with our technicians to ensure nothing goes wrong down the line. Wouldn’t it be better to pay a small maintenance fee now instead of a large repair fee later on? Sure, the unit will require repairs or replacement parts at some point, but the quicker you jump on those fixes, the less it will cost overall.

Generator Replacement

Many homeowners who install a brand new generator for times of emergency should not have to worry about spending more money on a replacement too early on. Serious repairs are a few years away for most generator units. For older models, however, a replacement could be more beneficial to your home than simply making repairs to keep the unit afloat for a few months longer.

With a replacement, you have the added benefit of installing a brand new model with new features and technology already implemented, meaning the system will run more efficiently and sometimes even cheaper per month. Depending on your needs and desires, speaking with our technicians should be the first step you take in this entire process. We can advise you on exactly what model of generator you should purchase next and when the old one needs to go for good.

How do I determine what size generator I need?

Some people try to size a generator based on the square footage of their home. But the best way to do it is to determine what appliances you want to power. Pick a model with a wattage at least equal to the total for what you’re powering. Manufacturers also suggest totaling the higher surge watts some appliances draw when they cycle on. Once you’ve decided all the appliances you need to power during a blackout, reach out to an experienced electrician like one of our team members at Baylor Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. to discuss which generator would be best for your home and your needs.

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